We want you to feel comfortable and fully welcome at our Club. We are happy to assist you with anything you need and if the FAQs below do not answer your query, then simply contact us directly and we should be able to help.

Dog Training in Northwood - Toby

Q: What should I bring to classes?
A:  Please bring your dog’s bed or mat so that they can feel at home when they arrive plus their travel water bowl as training can be thirsty work. Do not buy any new or special leads as we will give advice about the best leads and collars to use. Bring tasty tit bits that your dog likes and your dog’s favourite toy.

Q:  Should I feed my dog before classes?

A:  We recommend that you do not feed your dog immediately before classes as your dog will then be more motivated and attentive.

Q: Can I buy equipment and tit bits at the club?

A: We have a range of dog training equipment that can be purchased at the Club.

Q: My dog barks and gets over excited when it sees other dogs, will this be a problem?

A: Most dogs fit in very well and high spirits are kept under control… if you are worried about your dog being disruptive in class or your dog is highly reactive with other dogs, we run one-to-one behavioural sessions.  Please Contact Us to discuss your situation

Q:  Can my child train our dog at the Club?

A:  We generally do not permitted children under 10 on the training floor

Q: What age should my dog be to start training at club?

A: For the Puppy Foundation dogs must be under 12 months old when they start training. Puppies cannot come to the club until they have had at least their first vaccination

Q: How long does a class last?
A: Our dog training classes last approximately 45 minutes for the puppy classes

Q: What happens if I cannot come to class one week?

A: This is not an issue, as you can still participate the following weeks

Q: What should I wear when training my dog?

A: For your own comfort it is suggested that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes (preferably flat shoes). Try to make sure no clothes you are wearing will flap into the dog’s face as this could put your dog off.

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