August 2018

This month saw another group of excellent puppies graduate with 10 dogs and owners achieving their puppy foundation certificate, well done to all.  August also saw the Woburn and District Dog Training Club Championship Obedience Show where again a member achieved a 3rd in the Pre-Beginners Competitive Obedience class…well done!!!

July 2018

Our intermediate class were preparing for their Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze award and we are very pleased to announce that 3 of our dogs and of course their owners passed their Bronze test. Well done to all of them.

May -June 2018

May saw the 10 members attend the second session of the Canine First aid course, with us all practicing resuscitation on the canine dummies and managing the various bandaging methods that we had been shown.  We cannot recommend this course too highly, please contact Martin Proctor at June saw the 3rd of our puppy classes graduate with 10 puppies and owners gaining their certificates.  The month also saw some of our members attend their first competitive obedience competition entering both the Introductory and Pre-Beginner classes at the South Eastern Open Obedience Show held in Horsham.  Then later in the month a member also attended the Dog Training Club Bracknell Open Obedience Show gaining a creditable 3rd in Pre-beginners.

April 2018

Our second puppy group for the year also saw our 10 puppies all pass their puppy foundation. It was also nice to see so many of the class progress to the intermediate class.  10 members attended the first of 2 sessions on canine first aid, run by Martin Proctor of Prodogs.  This was a fantastic event in which owners were able to learn about  the ABCs of canine first aid response.

March 2018

This was again a busy period for the club with all our intermediate and advanced classes focusing on their training ready for their assessments.  We are very pleased that our club managed to achieve 4 passes for Bronze, 2 for Silver and 4 for Gold.

January and February 2018

As we started the new year 10 of our puppies passed their puppy foundation. Well done to both the dogs and their owners.

November and December 2017

A busy period for the club. The last week in November saw all 10 of our puppies pass their puppy foundation (have a look on the club facebook page for all of the photos). Well done to all the dogs and owners.   One the 2nd December 3 of our dogs gained their Silver Kennel Cub Good Citizen award and 2 dogs passed their Bronze award, whilst another of our dogs independently passed their bronze at a CC dog show on the same day.  Well done everyone.    The following week (8th December) was our doggie Christmas party where the dogs and their owners had lots of fun and games (see the facebook page for all of the photos)

September and October 2017

As we start back after the summer break our first puppy class saw 10 dogs and of course their owners pass their puppy foundation.

May and June 2017

June saw another group of 10 puppies reach their good citizen puppy standard. Well done to all the dogs and owners

March and April 2017

As we entered Spring we saw another 10 dogs pass their puppy foundation and 4 dogs and owners reach the Bronze standard and 2 reach their Silver and advanced to the senior class.

January and February 2017

Another year starts and our 10 dogs and their owners all passed their puppy foundation. Huge congratulations to all involved….what a lovely start to the year.  We also held the club AGM where we award the club cups:

Beech Cup (Most Improved):    awarded to Emily and Louise with their dog Dolly               
TE Knight (Best New Comer):   awarded to Kay and her dog Tess               
Solo Trophy (Best Rescue):    awarded to Hilary and John and their dog Tessa                 
Abbey and Isla Trophy (Best Personality):    awarded to Gill with her dog Nancy
Lizzy and Oscar Trophy (Club Role Model):    awarded to Jolanta and Stephan and their dog Cookie
Pagliero Trophy (Members' Choice):           awarded to Malcolm and his dog Billy

See the photos at:

November and December 2016

Another busy period for the club with another 10 dogs passing their puppy foundation, 2 dogs and owners passing their Bronze Award and 2 gaining their Silver. Congratulations to all those involved.

We also had a the club Christmas party for the dogs and their owners with lots of food for both the owners and of course the dogs, with lots of games and fun had by all. We also had the Christmas meal which as ever was well attended.

October 2016

Congratulations to out puppy class with all 9 dogs passing their Kennel Club puppy foundation.

September 2016

Welcome back to all at the club after the summer break. September saw out advanced class go for their Gold Good Citizen awards, congratulations to the 3 dogs that have reached this level. We also had 4 dogs and their owners achieve Silver and 3 Bronze and again huge cheer to all those that have reached this level.

July and August 2016

Well this has been a busy period for the Club.  July saw another 9 dogs pass their puppy foundation, well done to all the dogs and owners.  Two of the dogs were so advanced that they were entered into our Bronze test and along with one other dog successfully passed their KC Bronze award.  Alongside that 4 of our dogs have passed their Kennel Club Silver Good Citizens award and 3 of our dogs have passed their Gold. Well done to all.

June 2016

Well done to 9  dogs and owners who passed their puppy foundation course

April 2016

Congratulations to the 9 puppies and their owners who passed their puppy foundation course

January/February 2016

February saw the first of our 2016 Puppy Foundation graduates, well done to all of you for your hard work. It is nice to see so many of you progress to our Bronze class.

February 27th saw us hold the AGM, this year in Ye Olde Greene Manne in Northwood followed by a meal.    The awarding of the trophies will take place on the 4th March 2016

Beech Cup (Most Improved):                   
TE Knight (Best New Comer):                  
Solo Trophy (Best Rescue):                    
Abbey and Isla Trophy (Best Personality):    
Lizzy and Oscar Trophy (Club Role Model):    
Pagliero Trophy (Members' Choice):

November/December  2015

Well done to the 7 dogs that passed puppy foundation and to 4 dogs that have now gained their Bronze Good Citizen awards.  Thank you again to Martin Proctor at Prodogs for assessing.

Onwards to silver (probably in early April) and to our 9 dogs aiming for Gold next year

we also held our successful doggie Christmas party with buffet for dogs and owners, lots of games, quiz and entertainment

Our annual Christmas meal was held at the Case is Altered and well attended as ever

October  2015

Well done to the 8 dogs (and owners) that puppy foundation

July 2015

8 of our dogs pass our puppy foundation. We wish all the dogs and owners good luck with their future training


8 of our dogs pass puppy foundation. That is 100% for the year. Well done to all of our dogs and owners.

May 9th 2015

Meeting of club committee (6pm) followed by a meal for all members at the Ascott Pub 144 Field End Road, Pinner HA5 1RJ  Ascott Pub

April 2015

8 of our dogs pass our puppy foundation

April 25th 2015 1-5pm

we had a hugely successful day. Thank you again to Martin Proctor at Prodogs for assessing.  A total of 9 of our dogs gained their Silver Good Citizens Award and 3 gained their Bronze. Well done to all the dogs and of course their handlers.

March 14th 2015 K9 First Aid 

Last year a number of club members attended the K9 First Aid training course, run by Martin Proctor. Martin is was the leading K9 First Aid Instructor for the Metropolitan Police and uses the most up to date training methods and aids.  It was one of the best external training events that we have been on and is highly recommended.  As a club member we have negotiated a special price for the day long training of £45 (normal price is £90).

Location is St Mary’s Church Hall, Hemel Hempstead Road, Redbourn, AL3 7DU

Please see the flyer for the event below:

pro dogs poster redbourn 2015 march

February 2015

8 dogs pass puppy foundation

February 13th  2015 AGM

The puppy class will run from 7.15-8.00 p.m. followed by the Annual General Meeting. Intermediate and advanced classes are cancelled for this week to enable the AGM to operate.   ALL MEMBERS WELCOME!

Beech Cup (Most Improved):                   Jasper
TE Knight (Best New Comer):                  Barnaby
Solo Trophy (Best Rescue):                   Sadie 
Abbey and Isla Trophy (Best Personality):    Dolly
Lizzy and Oscar Trophy (Club Role Model):    Sasha
Pagliero Trophy (Members' Choice):           Jasper

December 2014

7 puppies pass The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation

November 2014

One of our members needed to use the emergency stop command to prevent her dog from landing on barbed wire.

October 2014

The Canine first aid course put into practice. One of our members who attended the course, was able to put in to practice their new knowledge to help their dog who had swallowed some poisoning. Quick thinking and informing the vet before arriving ensured that the antidote was available quickly to treat the dog.

8 Puppies pass The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation

Sept 2014

Canine first aid

Members attended the K9 first aid training course. This is normally charged at £90+ but as members of the Ruislip and Northwood Canine Training Society it was offered to us for £40.  The course was run by Prodogs (see

The course included a full certificate valid for 2 years together with an information CD and booklet.   There are 3 modules studied over the day including scene assessment; handling accidents, and handling illness.

July 2014

9 of our dogs successfull pass The Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen award