Our Dog Trainers

All our dog trainers have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to talk with members about any problems they may be experiencing and ways of solving them.

Susie Page is an experienced dog handler and currently owns a Scottish Terrier. She has a  Distinction in her “IABTC Instructing pet owners training course” and is an Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) fully qualified instructor. She trains our Scottish Terrier at Scent Training where Jimmy has gained his Gold award; along with running him in both scent and competitive obedience competitions. She runs our Puppy Foundation course and our Kennel Club Good Citizen classes.  Susie also acts as the Treasurer for the club.  Susie also provides 1:1 training in a range of behavioural and training needs (Please see the 1:1 page)

The Club Chairman is  Alan Page who has over 20 years experience teaching adults and is a Senior Teaching Fellow. He trains our Scottish Terrier at Gold Good Citizen and Competitive Obedience classes and used to run Jimmy at weekly agility classes.  Alan has a Diploma in Canine Nutrition and a Merit in his “IABTC Instructing pet owners training course”.  He is also a IMDT fully qualified instructor.  He  also runs our Puppy Foundation course and our Kennel Club Good Citizen classes.

Wendy Birch is an experienced competitive obedience instructor and is the South East and East Anglia Regional manager.  She has trained her dogs to Championship C standard and regularly competes at Crufts in competitive obedience competition.  Wendy teaches our advanced class every other week to extend the scope of the training our dogs receive.  A number of our dogs now compete in competitive obedience.